Our Humble Roots



Healthy Bites Kitchen was created from my own need to make my family’s meals fortified with nutrition while still fitting into my busy lifestyle. As the name suggests, I didn’t need a healthy overhaul, just bites – enough to give me the energy I needed for the day.

Though I grew up in the Midwest surrounded by fields and farms, I didn’t truly appreciate fresh, healthy food until later in life. Like many, I fell into the “I’m too busy for that” camp. I was cooking what was familiar or easy. By the end of the work day, I’d feel exhausted, needing to recharge. Even during work, I would experience brain fog, but chalked it up to weather or age or stress.



Finally, I was tired of being tired! I started really researching food – what different kinds provide benefits for your body, and began experimenting to create meals that would work for my lifestyle. I learned what worked (for me), what I was lacking in my diet, and learned how to cook these ingredients in a variety of ways to keep meals exciting week after week.

Through this new passion for healthy and intentional eating, I began to share my new creations with friends and family. When my inner circles realized healthy eating didn’t mean bland and boring eating, they started asking me to teach them what I knew and to share my meals with their families during the week. Would I be willing and able to work full time and still take on this task of providing for the families in my community? I decided I needed to try.



Healthy Bites Kitchen started in January 2018 as an experiment to see if it was possible to feed the masses with truly exceptional food. Now, Healthy Bites Kitchen is a thriving business that offers new fresh jarred menu items weekly for delivery or pick up in the Winamac, Indiana, area and continues to grow each week.

Are you ready to transform the way you feel while still protecting your personal and family time? Give our meal prep service a try! Or try your own hand at meal prep with the recipes and tips we share. Either way, when you pour out your jar, you pour out a day’s worth of possibilities.

Cheers to health(ier) eating!