Season of Change for HBK

Hello, fellow health and food enthusiasts!

We have some important news to share. HBK is changing our way of doing business. From this point forward, we will no longer offer a weekly pre-order menu. But we will continue to offer frozen meals and an occasional ready-made option here and there. Delivery will remain an option on Mondays. And we will begin sharing more recipes and healthy living tips!

If you're wondering why we're making this change, please continue to read on.

About two years ago we embarked on a journey to positively impact Pulaski County. From this, we founded the non-profit organization Pulaski County Tribe. It's become a major passion project for Mrs. L and in all honesty, is taking up quite a bit more time than planned. (Time management is not my greatest asset! I tend to think I can get more into a day than is possible!) And you surely know COVID-19 hasn't been kind to small businesses. A slim workforce resulted in Mr. L and I carrying all of the workload for HBK . . . planning, prepping, sourcing, cooking, cleaning, marketing, photography, website management, distributing, and delivering in a market where resources are in short supply. And we do all this on top of our full-time careers. We're not complaining. We love helping people on their health journey and truly enjoy knowing we are positively impacting your health and creating more time for you to do other things you enjoy! The downfall is we have little to no time to rest and relax.

So . . . we're changing course and writing a new chapter! I love to cook and serve others. Food is my love language! Removing the stress and workload of offering a weekly pre-order menu will allow us to cook and share when my heart and time allow. It will also allow me to spend some of the upcoming winter nights sharing with you the details of how to create a recipe, or prep meals yourself, or possibly learn hands-on with me through workshops or videos! My love and passion for healthy living are still strong and I still want to share, just in a different way that allows the time for self-care that Mr. L and I need while continuing to lead positive efforts with Pulaski County Tribe.

Many thanks for the role you've played in this journey! We're looking forward to the new chapter!